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Welcome 2012

Vol. 101

Minna.. hap-Pi New Year!!

And to my MOM.. Happy Blated Bday!! (Though i did wish her on th 1st!!)..
Even bought her the microwave with grill function as bday gift.. hopefully it will be fully used!!

And.. have less than 3 minutes b4 going home.. just finished doing new CPM.. tomorrow will get my PM to review..
And just read naruto 570.. seriously want to have my own Kurama too!!

Just finished DL Running Man 75 & 76.. so.. everything is going perfect for me so far..

Ah! My Yamapi SGSB DVD arrived 1st week of Jan 2012!! Yay!! So Hap-Pi.. and yet to figure out his new drama.. what's the title?? maybe find it out later..

OK.. got to go.. won't be going back to KL this CNY!! will be in Penang!! So.. to all celebrating Chinese New Year, have a great year ahead!!

Dao dao..

p/s: Do watch Greys Anatomy, TVDiaries & Supernatural latest episodes.. coz they rocks.. (actually Supernatural not that interesting..) Can't wait for House!!
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Yamashita Tomohisa

End of Year 2011 is Coming.. and Welcome to Year 2012 ..

Vol. 100

Hello.. Minna genki??
Me.. now not so good...

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Hmm.. ending this year in a gloomy way!!! Dark clouds everywhere.. only my capital is shining.. hehe.. and my MOM's Bday is on 1st of January!! Happy Brithday MOM!!! not sure what to buy for my mom.. cloth?? flower?? cake is definitely!! argh.. no idea..

So.. this will be my last entry for this year.. to all.. may this year brings you happiness.. and next year will have more exisiting days aheads.. and.. if i have time.. will review back the previous 4years of my LJ.. and my resolution made before too.. ^_^
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My Never Ending Wonderful Story (NEWS) Ended!!!!!!! and either City or Vios??

Vol. 99

My Never Ending Wonderful Story (NEWS) Ended!!!!!!! hate everything right now!!!!!! people might say to support them in the future.. but, i don't know how.. coz the one that i like is Pi.. and the reason why i bought their singles/ albums/ DVD etc. is becoz of Pi... now, he's no more in the group... i'm pretty sure won't have the desire to buy anything... haaa...

By d way.. now i have wireless mouse.. and this mouse ROCKS!!!!! and.. funny thing happened.. me and my friend bought the same mouse.. same colour on top.. different only the main body - mine white hers black.. then, she gave me the wrong plug-in.. i tested it using my laptop, the mouse is useless.. lucky my friend tested 'hers' at her laptop.. and .. suddenly i saw why hers moving when me moved my mouse.. then, we discovered that the transmittal (if this is what u call the small thing) had been swapped.. hoho... blaming for nothing...

oh.. continue the main subject.. my opinion will be (regarding new NEWS' news..):

1. Ryo is safe coz he is originally K8.. and still K8.. and K8 rocks nowadays..
2. Pi ... hmm... maybe he's trying to challenge himself on how far he can go.. whether he can survive being solo.. and pursue things that he wants.. his ways.. but.. the question will be.. can he survive??
3. And.. last but not least.. the new NEWS.. whether they can still be my Never Ending Wonderful Story?? as long as they have great songs and performances.. they can still be..

hmm.. looking forward to their outcomes.. whether they can rise higher or will it be d' other way around..

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Again.. Honda City or Toyota Vios??? need unequivocal answer!! S.O.S

Yamashita Tomohisa

Bad & Good..

Vol. 98


First of all.. To all Muslim in the world.. Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri..
and.. this entry is just all about me.. (since my new laptop yet to install software that allow me to rip new ringtones etc to share with everyone..), then, all my post will be 'bout me.. ^_^

and.. this is something that i wanna talk about for so long.. "why Megaupload is unavailabe???? is Malaysia already block this link or what!!!??? sucks!!!"

then.. to my updates..

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Yamashita Tomohisa

My Nightmare Comes TRUE!!!

Vol. 97

Sad NEWS!!!! My 2D1N will come to an end after 6 months!!!!! seriously, wanna cry so bad!!!!! Gonna miss this show forever!!!!! Really hope if they can make 2D1N special from time to time... ene after the show end...

and... my boredom will rise to the sky!!! must find more show to watch!!!! Lucky lately into immortal song 2 coz of Honggi.. and running man as well.. love this show and family outing season 1!!!

Ah!! what d' hell with anti-hallyu in Japan!!!???? are people free enough to participate in such thing???!!! unless there are good reason for it.. but, i can't find not even one to anti them!!!!!

and.. life sucks.. tomorrow have to go back to KL.. coz there'll be a meeting.. my original plan is to stay until raya!! but, today, received news that i need to be in Penang the next day coz there'll be another meeting here!!! damned!!!! really piss me off!!!!! especially when i have to deduct my salary for the leaves that i've taken coz my 8-days a year leave all fully used!!!! this kinda thing really makes me wanna find another job back in KL!!!!
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Vol. 96

Long time no see..
Since nearly 7.32pm.. must write super-duper faster.. so,.. selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak... great month for more great efforts...
A lot of things to talk about.. but, maybe just jolt down things that i really into lately...

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