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07 August 2016 @ 12:49 pm
Long Time No See  
Vol. 111

It's been 3 years haven't updating my LJ
And Raya just passed me by..

And after reading my last LJ, will do the same too..

Happy Belated Birthday to my SISTER.. who also just had a new born baby girl on 5th Aug 2016.
Congratulations!!! She is so pretty!!!

Happy Belated to Newshfan too.. wherever you are TT TT

Life not that bad for the last 3 years..
Actually, kinda bad coz too damned buzzyy.. But starting this year is getting better.. manage to have so called 'Work Life Balance' go back home on time!! Yay!! (^_^)

And my last interesting show just ended.. Actually, the whole programme is not that interesting.. but SOMEONE caught my attention (^_^)

Since already forgot how to hidden comments.. will try make it short..

"Boys24 - Park Doha - Ori6 White Team" is my new favourite right now.. maybe should try to hidden..
Park Doha.jpg

And MNET seriously sucks..
From the beginning of the show.. the elimination.. etc.. seriously sucks.. the only thing that was good is for having to let the boys known to the entertainment world..

People try so hard for individual competition and got Top7..
But along the way, dragged down by others' incompetency.. along with lousy voting by the viewers and so called Master, and BAD way of editing by MNET!! (but I am that good, I don't get swayed by lousy editing.. stick to your positive opinion people!! Be a SMART viewers).. Top3 & Top 5 were out from the final debut group mostly due to the lousy programme system..

The most annoying part is that the two guys along with some who were eliminated are actually much much better than some of the 24-finalboys.. worst, some of revival person brought back for stupid reasoning.. "he will improve the performance.. he will enlighten the team.. etc etc" seriously?? got one who performing + visual like a school grade selected from the rest who have better prospect!! that is a joke of the year!! If that person is like Taemin Shinee, I have no argument.. great vocal + great visual + great dancing.. but.... huhhh.. pointless debating on this.. move on..

Seriously, MNET.. if your objective is to debut people for their performances.. and ended to become performer.. you actually managed to ACHIEVE your objective with supports from small group of people with low standard of expectation..(ah.. I am being bad!!) rephrase that to "with BORING TASTE/ PREFERANCES"

Among the 24boys.. Less than 10 person suited to be called IDOL..
Shouldn't idol should be someone who is likable for who they are and idolize by others??

For example,
Park Doha - unknown "SO DAMNED HANDSOME PERSON WHO IS TOO FREAKING NICE with A FREAKING LOVELY SMILE" (should thanked MNET for exposing him to the world!! Good to know such people exist!!)

He is someone that i will consider idol.. coz, seriously.. he is too eye catchy!!
that dimples are soo freaking lovely..

And he is too nice up to the point that I want to say "grab some attention to yourself!! don't give good parts of the songs to someone else just becoz they want them and make use of it to shine for themselves (and they failed badly too.. so, pointless given them the opportunity..)..

But.. maybe he just want to give others the chance since he already knows his visual is good enough to attract people.. so.. again.. too nice.. which is good since the White Unit (Ori-6) vibe is too soothing.. Just need to work on your performances!!

The point is.. he is someone worth idolizing for his good qualities.. even when he is not performing..
(Not that i have argument with the teams that had won..)

From competition perspective, since their 2nd performances.. I already set my mind that Yellow team will win.. really like that 'Block B HER'.. and they are good too.. like Ulala Session with better Visual (^_^) (and not because I LOVE SECHSKIES.. and they're Yellow)..

Maybe the song is good.. but the point is.. (I really like to say these words)..
D point is if you never heard such songs, and the performance can make you like the songs.. meaning they are good.. Or if you have the thought "I like this better than the Ori-version".. meaning they really did a good job..

So far, out of all Teams.. not even one have the 'BOOM' impact when performancing each time..
Just up to the bar.. but fews gave the impression of "I like this one than the Ori-version)..

When I watched Sechskies in IC, seriouslly so damned happy..
And their COMEBAC' is so great, eventhough I love White Team, not impress with their performances.. (Sechskies jang!!).. huh.. White Team should nail this performance but lack of impact!! (Sechskies jang!!)

Lovely Sechskies on the other hand, even if they did lightly.. the impact is just too freaking awesome to watch.. maybe becoz their IDOL AURA dragged people to love them for soo long.. (still Cannot compete with the 1st generation idols neyy)..

Hopefully, someone able to break it for me.. still feels like the 1st GEN is the BEST..
The new ones, not drawn to them.. maybe one or two songs.. but, not to the part of idolizing them.. and their songs also not everlasting..

Go back to Boys24, really like Sungho RED!! Not a fan of rap.. (Love Eun Jiwon though.. and MC Mong's rap too, or EPIH High.. or TigerJK.. only likes few)
But Sungho rap is so likeble which make me think "aa.. he's good.. love the rap"
But, due to the unit elimination.. and perhaps the viewers judged on that final day were ANTI-REDs.. and due the light soothing songs they have compared to high-beat songs from other group.. or becoz of lousy MNET editing.. they were out of the final-24..

Seriously, MNET people.. are you that DUMB??!!
Make it fair!!

Let the competition have at least two performances..
High beat and low beat songs

And the audience judging for the performances should be assessed first!! Not chosing bias people to mess with the voting.. (lucky the audiences are the SMART ones.. they voted for Unit worth idolizing : top3 - WHITE-YELLOW-RED!! REDDDDDD...!!! you debut a group but the choice still in the hand of the audience!! why my RED out of the game??? who is causing the lousy scoring?? so called Master??)

Me is so fair.. PD & White Team.. love you.. but the overall performance is just so-so..
They should be someone like me..

(That's why I love Immortal Songs, most of the judging is to my liking.. if you're good, you're good.. if someone's better.. then try again next time..)

Not like..
"we gave you the song.. try hard to do good performance"
then.. "we switch songs"
or.. we add people.. one someone from the team will be eliminated..

and "we SIMPLY add people based on OUR SHALLOW opinions"
(Hello.. don't see the outer part only!! see the Dynamic of the GROUP as well!!.. Add INHO in White Team doesn't make them BETTER!! Add him in RED will make good for both Team and HIM!! they have the dynamic as a team!! Their aura at the same length..

Should add YOUNTAE in White!!!!
Seriously, how long are you people in this entertainment industry??
You mingle fish with CAT.. It will NOT WORK!!
You just forcing him to addapt.. just like what happen to Insoo)

Ya ya.. maybe the argument might falls into the 'uncertainty' parts where if you have the luck, you will survive..

Still, really don't see how long the choosen unit will survive in the real world..
From my point of view, Not even one unit can catch up with the existing IDOL.. like high school performances.. with such outfits..
But will root for White Team though.. they just need to work harder on their performances.. the rest is good already.. behind the seen part is so fun to watch.. and they are THE ONLY GROUP that I know the whole members.. others only certain someone shine.. not the whole group.. Yellow Team is my Second favorite.. Love Sky.. but only knew their leader (TOP4 smiley eyes guy.. he is just too damn CUTE.. and love his performances too)..

My standard for young idols should be at least same level with EXO (only watch one of their performance during some award show.. but, they are that GOOD that makes me remember them..).
or SHINEE (their vocal & performance at top level).. but if to become global IDOL.. my standard is GACKT!! Everything about him is SUPERB..

But if MNET able to make the MVP Team (not Yellow team though)..
MVP consist of the boys with full package qualities (Great Visual + Great Vocal + Great Performances + Great Charisma).. My hand will raise for this TEAM!! (and your best chance blown away when Top3 & Top5 out of the game)..

Should remain the immunity for them till the end you IDIOT MNET!! If the unit eleminated, they will have the chance to choose which unit they prefer to join in.. So, the choice is on them..
Don't you watch Survivor???
Immunity is given for a reason!! and that is for their better achievements that the rest of the boys!!
Seriously.. HIRE ME instead to be your critics!!

And.. this end my story of Boys24.. (only worth one post? hehe).. maybe later will have, but will all about Park-Doha and his KINGDOM..

And YG, get Sungho and Yeontae under your wing.. If can, drag out Park-Doha and Yongdoo as well.. Seems like, you can take care of them better.. (not becoze I like YG since Sechckies is with YG.. but becoz Sechskies is with YG, I came to like YG..)

See.. the strength to make people liking something is that strong..
It is like spider-web.. If you like a person.. everything he touch or connect too can be likeable..

That is how IDOL is MADE.. (still, from my point of view).. we idolize them for who they're for the great qualities they have and give.. not becoz of penny reasoning..

My IDOL fandom:

Because he is overall a nice person.. watched him since Johnny's Jr..
Seriously, he is do damned gorgeous.. even not that good with singing and acting.. but not likable to his party life-style (don't hate me for being frank)..

Still, I bought all his CD, DVD release and his TV Drama & Movies.. becoz he is YAMAPI..

Becoz he is GACKT.. the great GACKT.. if I there is a person I want to be married too.. It will be him

Eun Jiwon
I Love 2D1N becox of Eun Jiwon.. then love Sechskies, then HOT bcoz G1 sang CANDY.. then love HSechGODRG.. becoz he is in it and the rest of 1st Gen IDOL.. since HSechGODRG is part of the 1st GEN members.. love every singles shows with Eun Jiwon in it.. should also say I love KOREA becoz of him..

Who else.. so far these 3 people keep on consistenly likeable by me..
if there are others.. will updating..

My Life for the Last 3 years:

Still with the same Forte
Have new I-Phone 6 Plus bought around last 3 years, but still kept my old SAMSUNG phones
Have new job site near KLCC
Nowadays traveling to work using LRT coz no more parking near KLCC
Less angry at work eventhough people around me is so annoying in terms of punctuality and work ethics
My father passed away.. on 2nd day of Raya 2 years ago.. so.. not a fan of RAYA.. especially RAYA's songs
Bought 2 ASUS laptop.. but anoying Windows 10 update
Bought new CARLO RINO leather bagd but already in my BLACKLIST brand!! Lousy Quality and Service
As usual.. still downloading Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, The vampires Diary, The Originals, Running Man
Downloaded new The-X-Files Series
Become lazy day by day
And my weight gained up to 20kg!!! TT TT Now trying to loss weight..
Have backache.. due to weight gain..
Play Sim-City

My target for next year:

My MOM still alive
Me Still alive
Live in my own house
Change my car front skirting and paint
Repair my small laptop (damaged due to stupid CARLO RINO bags - buckle snap on the 1st day!! just took out from paper bags and walked for 1 minute!!)
Loss weight up to 20kg
Getting married to GACKT-wealthy & nice person
Have oversea vacation with my MOM to Japan

That will be my long entry after long long time..
It's been 2 hours and 30 minutes of typing..

Will keep on LJournaling..
Good for my brain..

To all, have a great days to come (^_^)