ain2209 (ain2209) wrote,

Happy Belated Bday 2 my Sister & Newshfan



Haven't update my LJ for a long time... Now is Ramadhan.. Selamat Berpuasa to all MUSLIM..
Yesterday was my sister's Bday.. Along.. Happy Bday!! (i did celebrated with her.. gor her a bday gift... plan to give to her every year.. but, only this year managed to really do it..)

And.. to Newshfan.. wherever you are.. Hope you did have a great bday yesterday!!! ^_^..
May ths year brings you and my sister a lot of joys and happiness...

Till my next update.. hope the world is a greater place to live everyday...

p/s: I got a new job.. yay!! and bought a new car too... and smartphone too.. hohoho.. and can't wait for YamaP's new single to reach me!! 
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