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My New ASUS kinda SUCKS..

Vol. 106


Bad news.. my new notebook ASUS A43S have problem with the power adapter!! and it's only 7days from my buying date!!! SUCKS!!!! WDH!!!!! AAArgHHH!!! seriously.. having so pissed with this new notebook compare to my ACER!!!! 38!!! Today will go back to that shop and get new free gift for this inconvenience i'm having!!! nothing runs smoothly for me these days!!! But, seriously... having to use it maybe less than 48 hours overall.. and already having this kinda problem.. What's the QAQC team is being doing lately?? or the manufacturing team perhaps??? or whoever suppose to ensure the quality of the product!! even when buying already wanna throw the notebook away!!! the box package even have this unacceptable torn!!!! for that price i paid, everything must be PERFECT!!!!! and yet things went the other way around.. so.. lesson to learn.. that 'reliability score' seriously need to be re-evaluate!!!!! and the aluminium surface really have one obvious line that being an eyesore to me every time using it!!! me tried to be thankful for having new notebook.. but, with these so many hard-times having with this new NB, regret is more to it!!

Good news.. My Yamapi I, TEXAS just arrived yesterday!!! Yay!! So Hap-Pi!!!! And.. my KARA's new singles also will be coming shortly!!! hmm.. aren't i suppose to save money to go to Australia this Nov.?? Me and my unreasonable spending!!! Even will need to save money for my future Ford Fiesta!!! hahaha.. already made my choice!!! Ford Fiesta!!! Yay!!!

And.. my site, as usual.. headache!!! 
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