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Today SUCKS!!!

Vol. 102

Today's sucks!!! While re-arranging my Ext HD.. transfer one file to another.. me went out to send my colleague for an audit.. then, when i came back,.. did one STUPID MISTAKE!!!!! Deleting my files from my Ext HD!!! About 80G worth downloading items!!!!! which i need years to possess!!!!.. Damn!!! Seriously need those hackers' skills where even after deleting things can retrieve them back!!!!

Now.. still have those feeling to wanna bang my head into wall for my own stupidity!!! (metaphor only.. i won't doing such thing to hurt myself.. but... seriously, i dare to just trash this laptop of mine if the one being deleted happen to be 1N2D or other sub DL..)  See... being here makes me more stupid day by day!!! I'm being contaminated by the stupidity that surrounding me!!! Should i just go away???!!!

Now the question will be... To GO or NOT to GO??!!
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