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My Weekend, then 'Budou No Ki' (Grapevine) 2003.11.07 (feat. Yamapi)

Last night got nothing to do.. so tired coz sleep so little since last friday..
From friday to saturday morning not yet sleep.. then at 7.30am my friend called.. "Ain, are you free today? Busy at site? Can you accompany me?".. aaah.. i thought of saying no.. instead, i said "What's ur plan? I'll be at ur house at 8.30am".. which i managed to be at her house at 8.30am.. then at 12.30pm attend gathering for my colleague who resigned, after that went to Proton show room, went home (her house) nearly 4pm.. or 5pm?? can't exactly remember.. At 3am (Sunday already) still not yet sleep, watch astro.. then.. maybe around 4.30am i fell asleep.. woke up at 6.15am.. Accompany my other friend to UPM, helping her for an event.. after went shopping at Giant be back home (her home).. aah.. my friends live in the same house.. .. reached home at 7pm maybe, or 8pm?.. then, still not sleep, watch astro.. "stomping the yard".. love this movie.. great choreography.. (especially the early part of this story- the dancing fight scene).. when i realize it's 5am the next morning.. argh.. slept but woke up at 7am.. went to work at 8.15am, reached site at 8.50am.. sleepy half of the day.. after lunch went to HQ submit documents.. then at 5.15pm went home.. surf internet, download Bleach Manga.. then.. fell asleep.. woke up at 8.00pm.. Gosh.. i must be so tired.. but.. at this stage, still consider OK coz i only needs few hours to recover.. but if i don't have no sleep for 3 to 4 days.. then, i'll need at least 12-15hours to recover.. charge my battery..

Finally, the main issue.. managed to download Grapevine.. this Drama is so sad!! Minna, must watch it!!! Really, will make you cry.. Did I cry?? Heh heh.. if i'm watching it with someone.. i will definite not crying.. but, since i watched it alone.. i cried.. a little.. (maybe a lot.. harharhar!!) ..

Please visit Newshfan and download this drama..

Aaa.. when i think back ~ so tired, yet watched sad drama.. what's with that?! and.. i even slept at 4.30am yesterday.. then woke up early and went to site for meeting at 10.00am.. Really need to sleep more.. this month not enough sleep.. SO.. MINNA, PLEASE HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP..

Recently, listened to NEWS new Songs - Liar & Baby... .... argh.. can't remember the other song.. but i prefer this 'Baby' song.. 'Liar'.. i don't like it at all.. i love NEWS but this song.. really can't cope with it.. maybe next time i'll upload songs that i like.. Yatta!! Now 'Snow Express' is playing... LOVE this SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: budou no ki/ grapevine, only me

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