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Long Time No See

Vol. 111

It's been 3 years haven't updating my LJ
And Raya just passed me by..

And after reading my last LJ, will do the same too..

Happy Belated Birthday to my SISTER.. who also just had a new born baby girl on 5th Aug 2016.
Congratulations!!! She is so pretty!!!

Happy Belated to Newshfan too.. wherever you are TT TT

Life not that bad for the last 3 years..
Actually, kinda bad coz too damned buzzyy.. But starting this year is getting better.. manage to have so called 'Work Life Balance' go back home on time!! Yay!! (^_^)

And my last interesting show just ended.. Actually, the whole programme is not that interesting.. but SOMEONE caught my attention (^_^)

Since already forgot how to hidden comments.. will try make it short..

"Boys24 - Park Doha - Ori6 White Team" is my new favourite right now.. maybe should try to hidden..
Park Doha.jpg

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That will be my long entry after long long time..
It's been 2 hours and 30 minutes of typing..

Will keep on LJournaling..
Good for my brain..

To all, have a great days to come (^_^)

Yamashita Tomohisa

Happy Belated Bday 2 my Sister & Newshfan



Haven't update my LJ for a long time... Now is Ramadhan.. Selamat Berpuasa to all MUSLIM..
Yesterday was my sister's Bday.. Along.. Happy Bday!! (i did celebrated with her.. gor her a bday gift... plan to give to her every year.. but, only this year managed to really do it..)

And.. to Newshfan.. wherever you are.. Hope you did have a great bday yesterday!!! ^_^..
May ths year brings you and my sister a lot of joys and happiness...

Till my next update.. hope the world is a greater place to live everyday...

p/s: I got a new job.. yay!! and bought a new car too... and smartphone too.. hohoho.. and can't wait for YamaP's new single to reach me!! 
Yamashita Tomohisa

Long Time No See...

Vol. 109

Still working..
So have to make this fast!!..

Haven't post for quite some time.. Me lately is ...
1. Downloading & watching latest Grey's Anatomy S09, The Vampire Diaries S04, Supernatural S08 .. Since House ended.. everything seems pretty boring.. Lucky at least these shows still running..
2. Now talking with my friend, Muna-chan.. She's talking 'bout me getting married!!! Ya..ya... find me one.. "Muna-chan.. we need to hang out together!! I have a LOT of stuffs to talk about.."
3. And.. since this morning keeps on listening to 'Blood Diamond'!!! Non-stop!! Love this song!!! YAMAPI saiko!!! Kakkoi!!!
4. My Ero-P DVD came last Friday!! Just managed to watch them yesterday!! Whole day spent watching concert!!! Yay!!! So Hap-Pi!!! Coz lately, me so into K-POP.. actually not really K-POP.. KARA-POP to be exact!! Being back to J-pop really puts me on the ground again!! Heh!!.. Yamapi-san.. Hope there will be a Live Tour 2013 next year!!! Coz i'll definitely buying the DVD!!!! ^_^.. Come to think of it.. i already stuck in this J-Pop era for such a long time!! From reading comic and japanese manga.. till NEWS fever..(Yamapi fever to be exact) its already more than 20years.. more than half of my lifetime.. And me seems not mature!! Actually, more of don't know what's the meaning of 'act ur age' kinda thing.. Me kinda "Love what I love no-matter-what-people-will-say" person.. Will-only-change-only-if-i-want-to kinda person perhaps..
5. Recently went for 12-days trip to Australia.. from Melbourne to Adalaide, to Canberra and last destination to Sydney.. Going to another place is 10of10 happiness.. experience their weather (which is so freaking COLD!!!) and surrounding is AWESOME!! but, the trip itself as a whole... since my mood was so bad from the first day.. the trip to be considered a failure!!! Will plan my own trip there again to compensate for me being unhappy!! (and i did learn that i can't recover from my bad mood even after 12days!!)
6. Start to 'draw line' these few months.. Like.. "u do ur job.. i will not do it!" kinda of thing.. and.. "u pay ur own".. or "no, thanks, i don't want" kinda things that i've been doing lately... The previous me.. "ok.. i'll do it".. or "never mind.. i'll pay".. or "ok.. i wanna have it" kinda person.. but, YES! i learned from my lesson.. to "draw a line" for things that i despise!!!
7. Will definitely but these things: my own camera, vid cam, smartphone.
8. Will be back in KL this week.. (hopefully)..Will call Deena-san afterwards..
9. Need to buy new Ext HD.. my laptop is nearly full..
10. Works.. as usual.. no fun.. and me being so freaking lazy!!!
11. Don't know whether to change job or not?? Perhaps aims for better post? better salary?? Wanna new job which can provide me with company car!!! Don't wanna buy a new car!!! So.. people outthere.. who happens to be able to recruite staff.. Pick me!!! I am a diligent staff (originally).. coz it's just me .. being virgo really takes a toll on u.. (just forget 'bout me being lazy lately!! i will work smart!!)
12. Want a car as a gift!
13. Hope for Japanese Dorama to be better!!! Like the quality of dorama when "Overtime" or "Love Generation" or "Love Revolution" or "With Love" time.. Even "Double Score" time is better than nowadays dorama!!! And I really want "What's a Great Life" DVD!!! That Hamada guy is freaking funny!!! (and i did choose him over Kimutaku in this dorama.. The kinda guy he is (the character) can make people live a happy life..).. So.. where is the script writer and director from these old era!!!??? Make a new drama at least have the quality equal with these doramas!!! (or.. they already passed away?? my condolences.. -_-)

Till next time.. have a nice day!!!
Yamashita Tomohisa


Vol. 107


Just wanna update.. at about 4.55PM today.. while sitting at my desk in my office.. the floor swaying... or i might say slight earthquake..  then..about 6.45PM.. everything felt another earthquake.. then, my sister who was in indonesia right now called.. saying there was an earthquake in Indonesia. near Aceh.. and now..i'm in Penang.. and tsunami warning already being issued.. hopefully..it doesn't struck here.. 

Ironic. just been to Medan... and my friend even want to go to Aceh.. 

To my friend.. "Prevention is better than cure".. if u get what i mean.. 

And.. to YamaPi.. "Happy Belated Birthday!!!" A year older.. a Year WISER..
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My New ASUS kinda SUCKS..

Vol. 106


Bad news.. my new notebook ASUS A43S have problem with the power adapter!! and it's only 7days from my buying date!!! SUCKS!!!! WDH!!!!! AAArgHHH!!! seriously.. having so pissed with this new notebook compare to my ACER!!!! 38!!! Today will go back to that shop and get new free gift for this inconvenience i'm having!!! nothing runs smoothly for me these days!!! But, seriously... having to use it maybe less than 48 hours overall.. and already having this kinda problem.. What's the QAQC team is being doing lately?? or the manufacturing team perhaps??? or whoever suppose to ensure the quality of the product!! even when buying already wanna throw the notebook away!!! the box package even have this unacceptable torn!!!! for that price i paid, everything must be PERFECT!!!!! and yet things went the other way around.. so.. lesson to learn.. that 'reliability score' seriously need to be re-evaluate!!!!! and the aluminium surface really have one obvious line that being an eyesore to me every time using it!!! me tried to be thankful for having new notebook.. but, with these so many hard-times having with this new NB, regret is more to it!!

Good news.. My Yamapi I, TEXAS just arrived yesterday!!! Yay!! So Hap-Pi!!!! And.. my KARA's new singles also will be coming shortly!!! hmm.. aren't i suppose to save money to go to Australia this Nov.?? Me and my unreasonable spending!!! Even will need to save money for my future Ford Fiesta!!! hahaha.. already made my choice!!! Ford Fiesta!!! Yay!!!

And.. my site, as usual.. headache!!! 
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2D1N come to an end....

Vol. 105

Hai hai..
Just watched 2D1N ep. aired last Sunday... and.. next Sunday will be the last episode.. Then... one of my Never Ending Wonderful Story will be gone forever... no more happy Sunday for me.. there will be a new season.. but, to me who had watched it since 'Are your ready?" time.. then changed to 2D1N.. this will be the end of me watching.. since the reason of me watching it will not be in the 2nd season.. aaa.. G1-ni is no longer with 2D1N.. perhaps will download the new season.. but.. to really looking forward watching them is nearly 0%.. (am i bias??..hehe.. most people like this.. will only watch shows that have someone/ somethings that attract us .. no attraction means not interested.. at least to me..).. and no more downloading the raw files before having the sub ones..

And.. last week episode will make u cry.. i bet the last one will be even harder to watch without having tissues nearby.. hohoho... still, looking forward to it!! and.. tomorrow will go and buy my new laptop.. not sure either A43SA-VX084V-14" or N45SL Jay Chou Mystic Edition.. my new concern is the graphic card... N45SL have at least what i want except it is i52450M processor.. the graphic card is Nvidia GeForce GT635M 2GB (1st class range).. better than A43SA which is using AMD Radeon HD6730 2G.. see the different?? Even A43SA is i72670QM.. the graphic card is 2nd class range.. 

Jay Chou one have 2slot for USB 3.0.. A43SA only one.. the rest more or less the same.. how?? how?? which one to buy?? will it be any major different between i52450M and i72670QM?? anyone have any idea?? the price for both laptops are the same.. just the processor and graphic card are different.. and nos of USB 3.0.. and not sure which is really better.. A-series or N-series???

Aaa.. this is all becoz me did some research online.. the performance for Nvidia GT635M is better than AMD Radeon 6730M.. since this might be my last laptop that i will purchase for myself.. really wanna it to last till the end of my day.. which means the technology than i'm going to buy must at least cope with the future technology so that my DL activity can continue without having any trouble..

Feedback regarding the laptop issues are welcome.. ^_^
Yamashita Tomohisa

What Laptop to Buy??

Vol. 104

Ohoo.. just posted two days ago.. now updating more.. hehe..
Just curious.. what brand of laptop to buy... range of price not more than RM3500.. less than M3000 is better.. but... must achieve the following.. (at least..)
        - i72670QM or i52450M
        - HD 750GB at least (7200rpm)
        - RAM 4GB DDR3 at least.. 8G even better.. DDR5 too even better..
        - NVIDIA GT 555M or GT540M at least.. GTX560 (is it??) even better.. but, with this range of     
          price.. definetely can't have it..
        - 14".. 15.5" is too big.. and heavy..
        - Microsoft.. want complete set!! (nowadays only have word and excell!! stupid!! sould have all
          4 at least.. include power point & project!!.. this new version seriously contribute to people
          buying pirated version..)
        - and no such thing as windows 7 starter!! coz this version SUCKS!!
        - DVD Super MDLD.. not a fan of blue ray... coz all of my previous CD/DVD are not blue          
        - have all basic necessities: bluetooth.. wireless.. card reader.. webcam.. etc..
        - USB 3.0 (a must!!)

So.. my choice left with Asus Jay Chou latest version (N45SL) or N-Series N45SF.. not really sure the exact price.. maybe should see QOSMIO F750 Toshiba.. or Satellite P745.. Aaa.. mendokusai... So.. minna.. before simply buy something... must see through the future... hohoho.. this sound funny.. what i mean is must buy something with capability/ ability that can survive at least 5years of future technology.. impulse buying is so not good!! at least to me.. and must at least gain general knowledge on comp technology so that people cannot con you!! aaa.. not sure whether my preference as listed above is the latest technology.. at least in my country.. (we are so 20-30years behind..)..

and.. just learn how to pronounce ASUS.. mine pronounce as Eng.. but people here said it as Spanish/ Italian.. or Malay - bahasa BAKU..  (really love Google translate.. can learn other language..)
Oh.. got to go.. my boss just went in.. wanna go back home too.. and think some more what laptop to buy..
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(no subject)

Vol. 103

Helloo... Morning..
This will be my short & quick entry..

Updating... 1N2D finally had their last episode!! Seriously wanna cry.. my best Variety Show ever!! and 101% most probably not watching the second season.. coz my G1 won't be there anymore.. no point of watching... seriously, for 1D task.. he can make it 4D task.. the tricks and strategy than he can pulled off really awesome..

And.. me injured my left toenail this morning!! damned.. that hurt so badly!!.. and did blood donation for the first time last week.. 5th Feb 2012.. will do it again after 3 months.. Yay.. me is A+!!! A... Ain!!! Hohoho...
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Today SUCKS!!!

Vol. 102

Today's sucks!!! While re-arranging my Ext HD.. transfer one file to another.. me went out to send my colleague for an audit.. then, when i came back,.. did one STUPID MISTAKE!!!!! Deleting my files from my Ext HD!!! About 80G worth downloading items!!!!! which i need years to possess!!!!.. Damn!!! Seriously need those hackers' skills where even after deleting things can retrieve them back!!!!

Now.. still have those feeling to wanna bang my head into wall for my own stupidity!!! (metaphor only.. i won't doing such thing to hurt myself.. but... seriously, i dare to just trash this laptop of mine if the one being deleted happen to be 1N2D or other sub DL..)  See... being here makes me more stupid day by day!!! I'm being contaminated by the stupidity that surrounding me!!! Should i just go away???!!!

Now the question will be... To GO or NOT to GO??!!
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